Monday, December 21, 2009

Soul Bearing

It is odd to be thankful for hospital stays. 4 evenings and the better part of 5 days Eric lay in a hospital bed at the Dartmouth Hitchcock Epilepsy Clinic. The Epileptologists monitored him continuously with EEG, EKG and video monitoring. The doctors got to see Eric have 2 seizures and along with beginning to understand where his seizures originate, they also worked on figuring out the best line of treatment for very persistant migraines.
Eric wasn't allowed out of his bed, so there was a lot of reading in the beginning and then a lot of sitting after the seizures. There weren't long, emotional, soul bearing conversations as one might think would come with long days together; but just sitting together through nervousness, through boredom, through missing Oliver, through heightened nervousness, through post-ictal grogginess and fog was soul bearing.

We are thankful to get the chance to feel prayer, to feel the calm of the Holy Spirit amidst the storm of emotions. And the opportunity to see God's coincidence; it is amazing that we happen to live so close to an Epilepsy Clinic when there are only 5 in the nation! And of course, we are happy for the normalcy of just sitting that can become soul bearing.
Merry Christmas Ya'll!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

When the Old Man is Snoring

Some of you may wonder, what in the world we do in the winter when it is too cold to go out; or maybe nobody is wondering that, but I'm going to show you some things we do anyway because Oliver is cute.
Let's see, there is puddle playing to do (snowsuits and boots aren't just for snow), pool time complete with kitchen accessories, painting, and eating the painting, finding a piano in the law school to play, and drinking from a ladle while soaking in the kitchen sink. (The bottom middle picture is just because of the aforementioned cuteness.)

Oh, and there is playdough and 'lots of talking!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Where to begin.
Suffice it to say that Friday, November 13 wasn't a good day and has helped lead to a lack of posts.
This past weekend, we ate a lot of stuffing and we ate a lot of sweet potato casserole.
Oliver started walking backwards and therefore bumping into things and then decided that bumping into things was fun so he did that a good bit.
Oliver finally broke the lamp. I say it like that, because I knew it was coming but don't like living in the dark, thankfully we have Christmas lights (1/2 of which burned out over the weekend) to help with the whole seeing thing.
Oliver also started twirling which aided in his quest to bump into things and gave us all a good laugh.
And finally, Oliver is still very much attached to his (used to be mine) red and white scrub brush, even taking it to bed with him.
I have been sewing up a storm these past couple of weeks, making....well gifts is all I'll say right now, I don't want to give anything away quite yet. I have 10 folks finished and 8 more to go! And probably more because I always forget people like, my own husband and son.
Eric is coming to the end of the semester, so he is busy reading and writing and studying and
trying not to have any more seizures. Only 1 week and 6 days to the end of his exams, yikes!
GranMaddie came to help us out post Friday the 13th and Oliver loved playing and showing off for her.
Getting ready for bed...if only it were really this easy. Well, then I'd miss the routines.
Here comes Oliver and his scurb brush!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Welcome to Bizarro World

Our date night.
Well, first off, it wasn't at night and it didn't involve restaurants or movie theaters. Instead, Eric and I got to go, Oliver free for the 7th time since he's been born, to the Epilepsy Clinic! And then, hold your breath, to the DMV! Whoohoo!
The date was very much one of a kind, complete with men, women and children moping around with face masks because they had a "cough or flu-like symptoms." And that was the beginning. The first doctor we saw had a thick Indian accent and I'm pretty sure Eric and I might have agreed to move across the Atlantic. The second doctor, the director of the program, is proudly German, with, as you've guessed it, a thick German accent. (Beer and elephant rides were offered on more than one occasion, something about the alcohol and swaying motion....)

Now, off to the mobile DMV. Mobile, because we live in Vermont and there are not enough people to warrant multiple offices. To put it in perspective, the mobile DMV wouldn't be back to my area for another 2-3 weeks. Thankfully, my birth certificate, social security card, marriage license, utility bills, paystubs, and BJ's card finally won the battle and they issued me a new Vermont license. I had lost my old SC license a while ago and thought it made sense to just get a new Vermont license, I do live in Vermont rather than SC. Well, after 4 different calls to DMV's I've decided it is much easier to just drive illegally. I won't expound on the effort it took me to get this Vermont license, made almost impossible by stubborn and ill SC workers, but suffice it to say it was a pain in the *****! But I was awarded the pleasure of admiring wall-to-wall golden hued carpeting complete with a carpet-covered bar in the DMV mobile office.

Now that I think about it, it might have been the 8th time we've been Oliver free. It was nice to drive without turning around to entertain or sing Down By the Bay a billion times.
I think we owe it to each other to have a real date, but babysitters, man as if the movies weren't expensive enough. Jeez. Thank goodness for Netflix, which we don't have but whatever.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

"I'm so excited..." Saved by the Bell version

These are one long video trimmed, cut and split up, and they catalogue a bit of the craziness that is Oliver come evening. I'm not too sure what happens but after dinner and before bath he gets a second wind of sorts, except it's a suped-up version of Oliver. These videos really focus on the musical version of this part human, part tamborine monkey.

* if you aren't an adoring grandparent these videos will get boring, please don't feel compelled to watch*

Saturday, November 7, 2009

If your happy and you know it...

read on to see how it ends, uh-oh public breakdowns.
I should have known the temptation would be too great, an experience like no other, the paint job too alluring, the thrill of the ride...the POW, POW, POWERWHEEL!
We were standing in line at Walmart. Eric had the cart under control buying the essentials to a good nights sleep (children's grape-flavored motrin, and extra strength tylenol for me). I thought I'd let Little Man down out of the cart to amble about this store of wonder and delight. It had been a nice outing so far, full of strangers complimenting me on my personable, cutie-pie of a little boy. "He's so happy" had even been said on more than one occasion. And so, I reward this "so happy" little boy. I let him down out of the cart, his eyes widen, his stiff new-to-walking gait quickens, and he is climbing in the cab of the pinkest, purplest mini-truck I've ever seen. Oliver sits himself behind the very purple wheel and proceeds to drive like he's a 12 year old video gamer, only breaking to open and close the driver's side door every so often. He is hooked and I look up to see that Eric is already finished checking out, crap. We still have the grocery store to visit, so I decide that a clean break is all there is to do. I pick Oliver up and briskly start for the door, before I can even get 2 good steps away from the temptress, the writhing and the wailing begin. Oliver puts on a great show flailing his arms, which I know he's grown more of spontaneoulsy, and twisting about in my arms like a contortionist; it's wonderful. I know I hear more than one cashier say, ..."oh and he was so happy." And I can't but help notice that the Walmart Greeter doesn't tell me to have a nice evening.
Awesome Outing.
Proof that this story could be true, the fussy king of TheWild Things
Just a random tidbit:
It was hard to let go of our Wild Thing tail, it seemed a bit Eeyorish removing it the next day from Oliver's costume.

Monday, October 26, 2009

McDonalds, Seagulls, Bears...Vermont!

Hmmm. This blog is supposed to have a super cute video at the end but it doesn't because I'm working with some horrible A.I. that has decided to hold that super cute video hostage. I'll win this battle in the end but the end may be a few nights down the road.
In other important news, I almost hit a seagull in a McDonald's parking lot in Vermont. Eric's herbal endeavors are paying off and we now have a pot full of sprouting mint. And Oliver would much rather dance than eat peas. (I even put butter on them, come on little man.) But let us return to the seagull. 3, maybe 4, weeks ago a bear was killed. The bear was ruining a farmer's crops and so a hit was out on him, he had it coming to him, eating all that corn. Well, after taking the bear to get weighed (over 350 lbs.), the men decided to get some McDonalds. This is normal. A big ol' bear draped over the back of a pick-up in a McDonalds parking lot is logical, kind of . Seagulls?
In looking over this paragraph, I'm realizing that perhaps McDonalds is worse for me than I already knew. That plain burger, fries and too sweet tea that I ate before going to try on a pair of that modern cut of jeans called the Skinny cut, may not have been the scariest part of my venture into town. I'll be on the lookout for the elusive Bobcat- Mountain Lion- Panther next time I have a hankering for grease and self-torture. Good news though, the Skinny cut kind of makes me feel hip and cool and a little punk rocker, not really skinny but maybe that day will come, the jeans are fairly new to my not so skinny curves.

And now onto to Halloween News, just to get ya'll begging for more...I made Eric some very snug fitting pants out of faux snake skin. They are very scaley. A fabric store is a wondrous place. The same store where sweet baby blankets and endearing heirlooms are conceived, houses faux shame for the Carter family. Trick or Treat ya'll.
Ha. I've won the battle tonight!